26 November 2016,

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We are all partners in each other’s business. That is the value =
of networking.
The PBEX Spirit

Hi Phoenix,
This is one of our favourite ways =
to share the magic and exuberance of the Phoenix Business Exchange, is by i=
you in the mailing of our weekly newsletter.
Our caring=
and professional nature is demonstrated here.
We welcome you to consi=
der joining us, in your perfect timing.
Thanks for letting us keep in =
touch with you.


ick Highlights

We have Business for Small Engine Repair=
Zoom Option for Attending Meetings
Speaker for Monday’s MeetingSpeakers f=
or Tuesday’s Meeting
Speaker for Wednesday=
‘s Meeting
The Gift of Hope – Fashion Fun=
Feng Shui Class #2  Phoenix Christmas Party“Like a Boss” Business Matchmaking Trade Show & Conferenc=
Welcome two of our Newest MembersThree Phoenix Meeting Locations to Fit your Sc=

Visit Our Website

 We are looking for a Mechanic for
Small Engine Repair!

If you know a mechanic who is professional and reliable doing small =
engine repair, please let them know that our networking group is ideal for =
expanding their customer base. Now with three locations, Phoenix Business E=
xchange has members who represent over 60 businesses in the community. Thes=
e members welcome a mechanic to join our group who is knowledgeable in the =
small engine repair business.

 Zoom in
with Phoenix! 
Phoenix Business Exchange is proud to offer a way to network even wh=
en you are unable to leave your business. Visit us for free, Phoenix, =
 via Zoom.us and promote your business virtually. Simply enter the mee=
ting number posted on our website and you are with us. 
We are the only networking group in the world ~ that we know of ~ th=
at provides the alternative of a remote link to attend our weekly meetings =
which represents about 60 businesses. We want you to succeed without limita=
tions regardless of what conditions you are facing. We also look forward to=
meeting you in person!

ker for Monday’s Meeting  

Karim Hadj-Idris with Coldwell Banker=
First Ottawa Realty talks about the benefits of choosing a realtor compare=
d to trying to sell your home on your own. Karim will be speaking at Phoeni=
x Kanata (see below for details).

k to Karim’s website

Speaker for Tuesday’s Meeti=

prise Speaker presenting at the Phoenix West End location (see below for de=

Speaker for Tuesday’s Meeti=

Ben Dionne  with FireSide Creative will be talking about the importanc=
e of placing video on our instagrams and websites.  In seconds the vi=
ewer sees a professional company making a professional impression. Ben will=
be presenting at the Phoenix West End location (see below for details).

Speaker for Wednesday’s Mee=

Blair Latour of BKL Desig=
n Group will talk about the importance of a good website and the profession=
al image it can produce to attract more clients. Blair will be presenting at the Phoenix Downtown location (see below =
for details).


Link to Blair’s Website

One of our Newest Members&n=

Stu Menzies is wa=
rmly welcomed to the Phoenix Kanata Chapter this month. He is a General Con=
tractor with Menzies Makeovers. “It’s time to make a Menz!” is his slogan. =
Welcome, Stu!

One of our Newest Members&n=

Malcolm Sinclair Park is warmly welcomed to the Phoenix West End Chapter this month. Malc=
olm is with Your Health Matters and is enthusiastic about meeting and shari=
ng with Phoenix members. Welcome, Malcolm!

The Gift of Hope Fashion Fundraiser&nbsp=


Organized by Sophia J Events, The Gift of Hope Fashion Fundraiser is on Thursday, December 1s=
t from 5-8:30pm
at the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre (OICC), 29 Bayswater Ave=
nue, Ottawa. The evening is in support of the OICC’s Babes4Breasts Head St=
art Program, a wonderfully supportive program for women new=
ly diagnosed with breast cancer.


RSVP required for this free event      &=
nbsp;   Phoenix Events Calendar

Feng Shu=
i Class #2 – Susanne & Tony

This Feng Shui class is a continuation=
of what Susanne Shields and Tony Gyenis=
covered in Class #1 after identifying the areas in your home that are=
possible energy slowdowns. 
Now we move into adjusting the energi=
es to create a great calm and balance in the home. Held at our downtown of=
fice at 436 MacLaren Street.


Saturday December 3rd, 9am-5pm        &nbsp=
;       Phoenix Events Calendar


Phoenix Christmas Party

To celebrate an incredible year we are holding our Christmas Party at 

tival Japan at 149 Kent Street
on Sunday December 4, 2016

sp;            =
  starting at 6:30pm

There will be a live band for entertainment and many door p=
Bring your spouse and family members and join us in this holida=
y event.

Tickets are $45 each for Adults and =
$15 for children

Please RSVP with meal selection and payment by November 28th.&nb=

We will also be recognizing our top perfo=
rmers with our prestigious 
Annual Members Awards
including Member of the Year Award, Top Busin=
ess Excellence of the Year Award,
Best Business Presentation of the Y=
ear and more…


More information and purchase tickets =


“Like a Boss” 
Business Matchmaking Trade Show & Conference 

Anna Ulitski is the co-=
organizer of this business-to-business matchmaking trade show and con=
ference, for all business people (established and startup) looking for reso=
urces to build their business, to be held at the Delta Hotel, 10am-=
3pm on Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Exhibitors a=
nd Speakers are businesses that provide services for business. There’s a tw=
ist or two to add extra value: they devised a simple and interactive busine=
ss-matchmaking service to better connect you with business service provider=
s, potential clients and collaborations. You can connect with them on Faceb=
ook. Half of the proceeds of ticket sales are for the local non-profit: Junior Achievem=
ent Ottawa.
There are spots available for Exhibitors, and you can contact Anna for m=
ore information at info@likeabosstradeshow.ca or check ou=
r Website 

Phoenix Members can reserve a booth to display/promote their company =
& services!

This week’s P=
ositive Quote: 

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a wa=
If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.
~ Jim Rohn       =

Delivering the Spirit of our Group!

nn Thompson 
Communication Specialist

Three Phoenix Networking Locations

Phoenix Kana=
Marriott Fairfield Suites
578 T=
erry Fox Drive
(at Palladium Drive)
Kanata, ON
Date: Mondays
Time: 7:30 am – 9:00 am
Meeting starts at 8:00 am 
Marriott Fa=
irfield Website
Phoenix West=
Crystal =
View Lodge
6 Meridian=
(near Cent=
Nepean, ON=
Date: Tues=
;8:30 am – 10:30 am
Meeting st=
arts at 9:00 am
Crystal View Lod=
ge Website

Phoenix Downtown – After Hours 
Royal Canadian Air Force RCAF Officer’s Mess&nbsp=

Gloucester Street
ween Bank & O’Connor
Ottawa, ON
nbsp;                    =
Parking on the street or=
at a nearby parking lot for $4
Date: Wednesday nights &=
nbsp;                    =
Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Meeting starts at 6:30 pm

Link to Make-a-Wish website

Agent of Change Member

Phoenix Business Exchange is a=
proud supporter and an Agent of Change member. Recently Anthony had his wi=
sh granted – for an all-terrain vehicle so he can go out  in the yard =
even in the snow. 

Tony’s Website

Tony Gyen=
is, Our Group’s Founder

Tony is a clairvoyant Sound Vibration Tuning=
Fork Practitioner, Teacher, Feng Shui Consultant and Spirit Coach based in=
Ottawa, Ontario Canada. 
Tony was guided to form the Phoenix Business=
Exchange in January 2016 when he recognized the need for a spirit-driven g=
roup with the purpose of exchanging business.  We are thankful to Tony=
for following through on his vision, which allows us to connect to him reg=
Thank you P=
, for this opportunity to conn=
ect with you again.

Tony Gyenis | Phoenix Business Exchange | 613-238-PBEX (7239) | Email | Website

Phoenix Business Exchange, 436 MacLaren Street, Suite=
 #2 near Kent,
 Ontario K2P 0M8 Canada
SafeUnsubscribe™ info@pbex.ca
Forward thi=
s email 
Update Profile |&=
About our service provider
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