18 February 2017,

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We are all partners in each other’s business. That is the value =
of networking.
The PBEX Spirit

Hi Phoenix, 


ick Highlights

We have Business for=
a Beer & Wine Maker
Zoom Option for Attending MeetingsNew Phoenix YouTube ChannelFam=
New Member for West =
New Member for KanataWinner of “Best Infomercial”Friendly Competition for Phoenix Business Exchange MembersFlowers for WishesHeart EmergenceCe=
lebration of Women
Charity Sleigh Ride EventThree Phoenix Meeting Locations to Fit your Schedule=
Phoenix Events Cal=


Visit our website!

We are looking for =
a Beer & 
Wine Maker
From time to time we are being asked f=
a referral for a beer and wi=
ne maker.  
If you know a profes=
sional and reliable beer and/or wine maker, please 
let them know t=
hat our networking group is looking for such a 
company to send business to. Our group is ideal to help expand their clientele base. &n=

Now with three locations, =
Phoenix Business Exchange has members who r=
over 60 businesses in =
the community. Ask us for details to have them visit one 
of our meetings for free.

 Zoom in with Phoenix!&n=
Phoenix Business Exchange is proud to offer a way to network even wh=
en you are unable to leave your business. Visit us for free, Phoenix, =
 via Zoom.us and promote your business virtually. Simply enter the mee=
ting number posted on our website and you are with us. 
We are the only networking group in the world ~ that we know of ~ th=
at provides the alternative of a remote link to attend our weekly meetings =
which represents about 60 businesses. We want you to succeed without limita=
tions regardless of what conditions you are facing. We also look forward to=
meeting you in person!

 NEW Phoenix YouTube Channel! 
Phoenix Business Exchange has yet again expanded the method of getti=
ng our members to attend our meetings through YouTube.
With our New Phoenix YouTube Channel a member can upload their video=
anywhere in the world from a computer or hand-held device and we will play=
their video link while they are away so they can keep in contact with thei=
r co-members. Simply let us know when you have a video you would like to up=
load and we will send the member the login with our gmail account and passw=
ord…and that’s it!


This W=
As a way to break up the long stretch betwee=
n New Year’s and Easter, Many Canadian provinces, including Ontario, d=
eclared the third Monday of February to be Family Day, a statutory holiday.=
Families are encouraged to spend tim=
e together.

New Member for West End

We extend a warm welcome to the newest membe=
r of 
our West End Group, Bob MacDonald.  Bob=
is a Home 
Financing Officer with Scotia Bank and will =
be a great 
asset to our group.

Link to Bob’s web site

New Member For Kanata
Welcome to Taylor Lewis, the newest membe=
r of our 
Kanata Group.  Taylor is a home comfort advisor with 
Airzone H=
VAC Services, 
specializing in i=
ndoor air quality, 
al heating, cooling and 
cs.  Welcome 
aboard Ta=
Link to Taylor’s web site

Winner of Best Infomercial
As part of our Awards Progr=
am for Phoenix Business Exchange we recognize special efforts our members t=
ake to get their message across.  The category was “Best Infomercial” =
for the month of January 2017.
Out of over 100 infomercial=
s from our 3 locations Cindy Little was awarded the most cr=
eative, memorable, and thought provoking informercial for the month of Janu=
ary! This amazing achievement was presented to Cindy by our other downtown =
member and Awards Coordinator Malcolm Sinclair-Park and Founder Tony Gyenis=
. Congratulations Cindy!
Link to Awards Program

Friendly Compe=
tition for Phoenix
Business Excha=
nge Members

2 Free tickets to WIBC – Women in Business Conference
When: Wednesday March 8, 2017 

me:  8.30 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.            

Where: Ottawa Confere=
nce and Event Centre
Value: Priceless but actual co=
st is $250.00 including fees and taxes.

Competition start=
s:   January 26, 2017 to February 15, 2017
One ticket goes to the most number of true BAM’s – One ticket goes to the most number of referrals

Compliments of Jolene Hung.    Good luck everyone!

Flowers for Wishes!

We would like to recognize Malcolm Sinclair-Park for his work on raisi=
ng funds as a proud supporter of Make-a-Wish Foundation. His mission is to =
sell 1000 bunches of hand-made roses to ultimately raise $10,000.00 =
and adopt a wish for a child =
by the end of the year. Phoenix members have been supporting his efforts an=
d we urge anyone to pick up some flowers for anyone you wish to send love t=

Heart Emergence

In a si=
mple 5-step holistic program, discover how Conflict Evolution has evolved into the new Heart Emergence program. Li=
fe skills learned in our program open our heart-centered intuitive potentia=
l. This results in the emergence of our natural state of gratitude,&nb=
sp;kindness, wellness and enoughness as individuals.

Saturday, March 4, 2017       &nb=
sp;  8.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Coaching Navigator         &=
nbsp;       8 Sweetnam Drive, Stittsville, On.
To Learn More

Celebration of Women

Business Owners, Comm=
unity Builders, Trades, Athletes , and STEM hosted by – Ottawa Opportunitie=
s Network….
March 2017 – Women’s D=
Our annual Women’s Da=
y breakfast celebration brings together many of Ottawa’s diverse business =
professionals to meet, mix and mingle over a delicious breakfast! Get your=
chance to hear our wonderful speakers, network and start to build new con=
The Ottawa Opportunities Network is an online/offline community hub h=
elping to connect Ottawa’s diverse business professionals, entrepreneurs a=
nd non profit organizations.
We have created a space for professionals to network and build new c=
onnections first through the power of great conversations and getting to k=
now each other.
*The Ottawa Opportunities Network has become a link betwee=
n the private and non profit sector. =20

Presenting Organization: City For All Women Initiative: une ville pour=
toutes les femmes IVTF
to register, please click here:

Charity S=
leigh Ride

Joyce Owen is our divorce Financial Advisor in the Phoenix Kanata gro=
up from Brophy Financial Planning. Joyce and her husband, Charlie Brophy ar=
e having a sleigh ride event and the Phoenix Business Exchange members and =
family are invited to bring the kids for an outing to the Brophy Farm in Ri=

The event will=
be held on: 
ay, February 25th, 2017
11:00am – 3:00pm
We will be having:

sleigh ridesice skating on a pond (bring your skates!) i=
f weather permits
hot dogs, hot chocolate, coffee & tea, with a bonfire for roasting m=


Bring your children, grandchildren, nieces and n=
ephews to  
enjoy the festivities together.  All are we=
They are off=
ering the sleigh ride and activities free of charge, however, 
we are asking that each family make a donation to char=
They have chosen to donate=
all proceeds to the:
 L’Arche Ottawa
This organization provide=
s a life of community
and belonging to adults w=
ith disabilities.
Directions to the Brophy Farm:    4700 Brophy Drive

Drive south =
on the 416 and take exit # 57 for Bankfield and Brophy Drive.
Turn right (=
west) at the stop sign onto Brophy Drive and continue west.
The second =
road you pass on the right is Moodie Drive.  
The Brophy =
Farm is the next driveway on the right.  There is limited parking.


e let us know if you are coming and how many parties by Tuesday February 21=
st by 4:00pm so we know how much food supplies we will need!

Mark it on your calendar!


This week’s Posi=
tive Quote: 

“Faith is taking the =
first step
even when you don’t s=
ee the whole staircase.”
    – Martin Luther King

Delivering the Spirit of our Group!


ny Gyenis 
Sound Therapy Medium

sanne Shields 
Medium & Spirit Life Coa=

Our Group’s Admin Wizard=


Marlene Thomas 
Member Communications Co=

Three Phoenix Networking Locations

Phoenix Kana=
Marriott Fairfield Suites
578 T=
erry Fox Drive
(at Palladium Drive)
Kanata, ON
Date: Mondays
Time: 7:30 am – 9:00 am
Meeting starts at 8:00 am 
Marriott Fa=
irfield Website
Phoenix West=
Crystal =
View Lodge
6 Meridian=
(near Cent=
Nepean, ON=
Date: Tues=
;8:30 am – 10:30 am
Meeting st=
arts at 9:00 am
Crystal View Lod=
ge Website

Free street park=
ing and in the
rear of the building. 

Phoenix Downtown – After Hours 
Gyenis Shields Natural Healing Centre 


MacLaren Street
ween Bank & Kent
Ottawa, ON
nbsp;                    =
Date: Wednesday nights &=
Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Meeting starts at 6:30 pm

Link to Make-a-Wish website

Agent of Change Member

Phoenix Business Exchange is a=
proud supporter and an Agent of Change member. Recently Anthony had his wi=
sh granted – for an all-terrain vehicle so he can go out in the yard even i=
n the snow. 

Tony’s Website

Tony Gyen=
is, Our Group’s Founder

Tony is a clairvoyant Sound Vibration Tuning=
Fork Practitioner, Teacher, Feng Shui Consultant and Spirit Coach based in=
Ottawa, Ontario Canada. 
Tony was guided to form the Phoenix Business=
Exchange in January 2016 when he recognized the need for a spirit-driven g=
roup with the purpose of exchanging business.  We are thankful to Tony=
for following through on his vision, which allows us to connect to him reg=
Thank you P=
, for this opportunity to conn=
ect with you again.
Tony Gyenis | Phoenix Business Exchange | 613-238-PBEX (7239) | Email | Website

Phoenix Business Exchange, 436 MacLaren Street, Suite=
 Ottawa, K2P 0M8 C=


Forward this email Update Profile | About our service pro=

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it free today

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