Phoenix Business Exchange was created to provide businesses a free-spirited networking group that focuses on relationships and finding the best ways they can help other businesses. In the effort of focusing on others then those businesses will in turn focus on your business and together we all prosper. The overall vision is to attract caring hard working business professionals that helps one another whether it be through advice, support or direct referrals. In the spirit of helping each other we all benefit. Our group has also dispensed with many of the strict rules that traditional groups follow with respect to attending other groups, absenteeism, number of referral quotas and late arrivals. We do have a structured meeting yet we are flexible and understanding respecting the lifestyle you have. You are free to join other groups and depending on the category we do make exceptions to bringing in more than one category if we find it will be to the benefit of the group and or the member. Education and awareness of how better to serve small business owners and how better we can run our own businesses more efficiently through the use of our members will be discussed in our weekly meetings. We want to provide you with an amazing experience and opportunity to grow your business through caring and respect! Each week you will have an opportunity to talk about various aspects of your business in a 1 minute infomercial with all the other members and visitors in the group.  As a collective spirit of helping each other we bring new referrals to our members to help grow their business from our own source of contacts. As a member, you will have these motivated businesses promoting your business wherever they go or whom they meet that are able to use your service. We meet people every day and we hear of people in passing that are about to purchase a product or service. This is the best time for a member to suggest to that perspective buyer to call you to check out your business. Having a testimonial from another person is the best advertising and often results in more business because people will trust a personal story over an ad. When you are in such a well-organized group your standard of customer service and quality of workmanship must be at the highest level so others in the group will have the confidence to pass your name to their precious clients as now their reputation is on the line. High trust level with high quality delivered is a winning combination for success for all. The best is the assurance of the customer receiving the product or service will be happy.