3 December 2017,

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Hi Mohamed

wanted to touch base with you to see if you got my last email.=C2=A0 Pleas=
e come to any of our meetings that is close to you to visit and see how we =
do business and share business with each other.


Let me know which one you would like=
to come to so I can expect your visit.=C2=A0 We will buy your breakfast or=
in the case of the Wednesday night group it would be a supper arrangement.=
=C2=A0 Have a great weekend.=C2=A0


Sent with Light from
Tony Gyenis / Susanne Sh=
Sound Therapy / Medium & Spirit Coach
Phoenix Business Exch=
ange, Founders
Website: www.pbex.ca =
=C2=A0Phone: (613) 878-7669


From: Tony Gyenis=

Sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2017 9:25 PM
To: Mohamed Amoura
Subject: RE=
: interested to know more about your networking group.


Hi Mohamed

Yes we welcome all visitors to our group on a regula=
r basis.  We have 4 locations so depending where you live we can send =
you to that group that is most convenient.  We have a chapter, and.


Our meetings are on Monday morning in Kanata,

Tuesday morning near Algonquin College near Centrepointe Road, =

Wednesday morning in the East End on St. Lau=
rent Blvd

and Wednesday evening in Down=
town Ottawa on Kent Street.


Which one would you like to come to visit?

Sent with Light from
Tony Gyenis / =
Susanne Shields
Sound Therapy / Medium & Spirit Coach
Phoenix Bus=
iness Exchange, Founders
Phone: (613) 878-7669


From: Mohamed Amoura
Sent: Monday, November 27, 2017 1:57 PM
To: info@pbex.ca
Subject: interested to know more about you=
r networking group.


Hello Phoenix,


I am interested to know more a=
bout your networking group, I am wondering

if you have sort of a guest day or an open house day where I can visit =

one of your groups.



Kind Regards


Mohamed Amoura


Home Kinetix Ltd.


Cell: (613)600-6846





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