Professionalism Policy

Professional conduct and professionalism are an integral part of Phoenix Business Exchange Inc.. Individuals seeking service from professionals in the group must be able to trust their fellow members and referrals. This policy establishes standards of professionalism and professional behavior for all Members, Presidents, Staff, Founder(s).
Attributes of Professionalism
Honesty, Integrity and Trustworthiness
Demonstrate integrity and a firm adherence to respect in all professional relationships and environments.
Empathy and Cultural-Diversity
Demonstrate regard and sensitivity to other member’s values and abilities.
Conduct yourself at Phoenix meetings, BAMs and social events with utmost professionalism and respect. Demonstrate respect to all Members, during Phoenix events and outside by exhibiting the spirit of professionalism, kindness and consideration when representing Phoenix.
Ethical Standards
Phoenix is always working on exemplifying high moral standards related to telling the truth, maintaining confidentiality, kindness of the spirit, and respecting all individuals and expects all members to follow in these footsteps.
We show respect by:
  • Honouring our commitment to attend meetings and making all effort to notify by email or phone to your group’s President prior to the meeting of any expected absences.
  • The way we conduct BAMs and following the BAM policy
  • Tendering referrals in good faith and consideration
  • Performing the services we provide and are hired to do with that degree of care, skill, confidentiality and diligence generally accepted as typical of the industry in the performance of the services.
  • Demonstrating accountability for your decisions, by interacting with empathy, respect and consideration with everyone.
  • Respecting others and ourselves by providing transparency in professional skill level, fair pricing in accordance with your industry standard, accepting “no” as an answer and not using “pushy” sales techniques.
  • Demonstrating an attitude of service and care of client.
  • Following Phoenix rules and guidelines at all times, including:
 1) Notifying your Group President by text or email about any absence
 2) In the event of inability to honour your scheduled presentation time, finding a replacement from the Phoenix members in your group, or contacting your group president or Founders for help in doing so.
If the Founder(s) or Phoenix President observes or is informed of an inappropriate behavior that represents a possible violation of expected professional standards, he or she will meet with the Phoenix member directly to discuss the misconduct. If both parties agree that a satisfactory resolution results from the meeting, no further action is required.
At the meeting with the Member, the Founder(s) will:
        1. Present the accusation;
        2. Discuss the seriousness of the alleged act of misconduct, the implications, and the process for resolution of the allegation;
        3. Inform the Member of the probable remediation (amends) plan previously determined for the alleged misconduct.
        4. If the Member does not agree with the remediation (amends) plan, the Founder(s) reserve the right to terminate their membership with Phoenix Business Exchange Inc.. In the event of Membership Termination, no refunds will be issued.