Benefits of Being a President

1. As the Leader of the group, you get to meet everyone in the group and know them on a more personal level.
2. This is something you can put in your professional profiles on social media, your website and even email signature.
3. Shows that you support the business community, and are more than a participant.
4. Be a valuable voice of influence within Phoenix management team and internal organization.
5. Your member dues are covered, which amount to a savings of $500+
6. Be the voice of the members of your group.
7. Be part of the supportive team of Phoenix management. We work with you to make your role as President to be easy and smooth.
8. You will be listed as part of the Presidents team of Phoenix on our website.
9. Keeps your facilitating and speaking skills honed and on point.
10. The role of President will allow you the opportunity to become a better connector because you’ll know the members in your team and in the other chapters better than anyone.