15 January 2020,


Good Morning =


Let me start by wishing you a Happy New Year and all =
the best to you in 2020! 


I am aware =
that you and Blair had a discussion in early December with regards to a =
Payment Plan for the outstanding invoices totalling $2,138.59, but this =
has not yet happened.  Therefore, as per Blair:


– We need payment for these two invoices by WEDNESDAY, =
JANUARY 15, 2020, as these are pertaining to filled orders and =
your Website Hosting Account:


INV 9248 for $214.69, =
which is for your Web Hosting, which is 6 months old, =
andINV 9157 for $474.60, =
which is for your Referral slips, which have been printed and =
distributed 8 months ago.


We need an =
ongoing Payment Plan of $200 (Bi-weekly) starting FRIDAY, =
JANUARY 17,2020
with regards to the following, as per your agreement =
with Blair:


INV 8790 for $1,449.30 =
is the balance owing for the Banners, from over a year ago now.  =


Please confirm this will be done and if you have any =
questions, don’t hesitate to contact Blair.


Thanks so =


Maureen per Blair Latour

BKL Design Group Inc.

W:  613-271-2932

C:  =

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