The Phoenix members are aware that by growing their business through the help of others it also helps to grow themselves as people.

Phoenix Business Exchange represents more than 90 businesses that are motivated to making a difference. If you want to be a part of this incredible movement ask a member to invite you to our next meeting or go on-line to request an invite.


“I love the energy and free-flowing relationships we are building with this group. I founded this group mostly because I couldn’t find any other group that understood my core values in business of caring and respecting others then business will flow. They were so caught up in only coming to the meetings for the money. In other words, it was solely based on greed or “what is in it for me” concept. I couldn’t find the sunshine I was looking for so I was guided to make my own sunshine and launched this movement. I hope that others that experience this group will feel that important difference. I love this group right from the beginning because a dream should serve the purpose of the whole person rather than just the desire for more money.”

Tony Gyenis from Gyenis Shields Natural Healing, “Moving at the Speed of Spirit!”