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Health & Dental Coverage designed and priced for our Members

  1. Dental Coverage including cleanings, X-Rays and other regular dental work
  2. Vision Care – eye tests and glasses every 2 years
  3. Drug Plan (some restrictions apply)
  4. Diagnostic Services
  5. Ambulance Services
  6. Homecare & Nursing Services
  7. Prosthetic Appliances – durable medical equipment
  8. Hearing Aids
  9. Registered Specialists and Therapists such as Registered Massage Therapists
  10. Chiropractors
  11. Chiropodist & Podiatrist
  12. Naturopathic Doctors
  13. Psychologist or Registered Social Workers
  14. Physiotherapist
  15. Acupuncturist
  16. Speech Pathologist/Therapist
  17. Osteopaths
For more details on the Phoenix Benefits Plan contact our
Member Benefits Coordinator
Jolene Hung at
Subject: Member Benefits.