1 October 2018,

You got a new message from the PBEX Application Form:

Name:  Bl=
air LatourName of Business:  BKL Design Group Inc.Business Phone:  16132712932Address:  150 K=
atimavik Rd.City: &n=
bsp;KanataProvince:  ONPostal C=
Website URL:  ht=
tp://bkldesigngroup.comMonth:  NovemberD=
  21What is your Profession? Describe the methods/services you offer.:  Printing and DesignWould you like to contribute to the management of the chapter?:  MaybeName=
  Mark GiguereName of Business:  Email:  Phone:  Name:  =
Name of Business:  Email:  Phone:  Is your business full time?:  YesDo y=
ou have another business as well?:
  NoAre you able to provide a substitute if you=
are not able to attend the meeting?:
What are you able to bring with you in =
skills or value to the membership?:
  YesWhat are you expecting from the membershi=
p in joining?:
  To provide and give referrals h=
owever I can.How long have you bee=
n with the company you are representing?:
  18 y=
earsIf someone were to introduce y=
ou to a group tell us what you would like them to say about you?:
nbsp; Honest, forthrite, giving and respectful.=
Do you forsee any problems in coming to the meet=
ing and staying for the full 90 minutes from start to finish?:
p; I will be putting in my application for the Westboro lunch=
chapter.I agree to terms stated a=

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