18 April 2016,

You got a new message from the PBEX Application Form:

Name:  Bl=
air LatourName of Business:  BKL Design Group Inc.Email:  info@bkldesigngroup.comAddress:  15=
0 Katimavik Road Suite 202Province=
  OntarioPostal Code:
  K2L2N2Month:  January=
Day:  19What is your Profession? Describe the methods/=
services you offer.:
  xfgjfgxhkjdfghWould you like to contribute to the managemen=
t of the chapter?:
  YesName:  Blair LatourName of Business:  BKL Design Group Inc.Email:  info@bkldesigngroup.comPhone:  6132712932Name:  =
Name of Business:  Email:  Phone:  Is your business full time?:  fbghjfgxhjfxDo you have another business as well?:  df=
ghdgjAre you able to provide a sub=
stitute if you are not able to attend the meeting?:
  dfgjdfgjWhat are you able to=
bring with you in skills or value to the membership?:
fgjdfgjWhat are you expec=
ting from the membership in joining?:
  dtgjdgHow long have you been with the comp=
any you are representing?:
  If someone were to introduce you to a group tell us w=
hat you would like them to say about you?:
jgjDo you forsee any problems in c=
oming to the meeting and staying for the full 90 minutes from start to fini=
  dgjdgjI agree to terms stated above.:

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