Phoenix Business Exchange Inc. Mass Emails Guidelines.

Please be advised that as part of our mandate is to create a free-flowing networking group, we provide all members with a list of names and emails of all members in all the chapters, aka The Master Member List. This is available to all members through our Dropbox link to make sure all contact information is as current as possible.
This is done to allow for a quick and easy arrangement of appointments and BAMs.
To ensure that we respect the privacy and confidentiality rights of all members, we want to remind everyone that mass emails are a very sensitive territory, one that is regulated by the Government of Ontario. Mass emails can only be sent out to people who explicitly agreed to receive such email from YOU. When a business becomes a member of Phoenix they sign an application which allows to receive emails from Phoenix itself.
We ask that you be considerate of the privacy and confidentiality rights of our members by obtaining an agreement from them to receive mass emails from you, a fellow member.
If you have an email campaign you would like to go out, take the time prior to your campaign to obtain that acceptance or permission before sending out emails. This is also applicable if you have a promotion or information to share which does not fall within the confines of YOUR category.
Phoenix takes this law very seriously, and further we consider it a sign of good business practice.
Please contact us if you have questions. Better safe than sorry.