A Letter from Our Founder

A Letter from Our Founder

Human beings are social beings that connect through the instinct of reaching out to those things that are outside of themselves. Even a connection with a pet makes us happy.

The principles of Feng Shui is all about harmony and balance but more importantly it is about doing things interactively with other people in that state. We are not here on a solo mission but to grow, love and share together with the help of others.

When it comes to human growth the worst punishment a person can ever face is solitary confinement. We constantly strive to connect to people in some way. Despite the rise in social media many people still like the one-one relationship so we can build, enhance and strengthen the bond between us. Although it is possible to get people to “like us” on social media there are so few social skills that can develop in that way.

It is essential for overall human happiness that the personal needs of inner strength and purpose be present. Business people need to master the personal networking skills and use the principles of Feng Shui to achieve balance and harmony.

True success is more than achieving a financial goal. It is attaining the inner peace needed to sustain those achievements.

Tony Gyenis

Whether we need help to fix a faucet, getting a job or helping us find customers we need other people and their connection to other people to attain what we want to accomplish!

Continued networking has become vital to the success of our happiness and for our business. When we help someone and gain their trust in us they will in turn help us to return the favour. When this happens in business we exponentially expand our reach from our contacts to other people’s contacts. A new market is exposed when you share who you know with another person who they know. In a room of 20 people that can equate to thousands of untapped resources and potential. When we share… we all benefit.