5 April 2016,

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IP: (CPE0026f32ac2e8-CM0026f32ac2e5.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com=

Name:  Bl=
air LatourName of Business:  BKL Design Group Inc.Email:  info@bkldesigngroup.comAddress:  15=
0 Katimavik Road Suite 202Province=
  OntarioPostal Code:
  K2L2N2Profession:  websitew and Pri=
ntingWould you like to contribute =
to the management of the chapter?:
  YesName:  Blair L=
atourName of Business:&nb=
sp; BKL Design Group Inc.Email:  info@bkldesigngroup.comPhone:  613271293=
2Name:  Blair LatourName of Business:  Email:  info@bkldesigngroup.comPhone:  6132712932Is your business full time?: &n=
bsp;BKL Design Group Inc.=
Do you have another business as well?:
  TESTAre you able to provide a substitute =
if you are not able to attend the meeting?:
STWhat are you able to bring with =
you in skills or value to the membership?:
TWhat are you expecting from the m=
embership in joining?:
  TESTHow long have you been with the company you are repre=
  15Do you forsee any problems in coming to the meeting and staying for =
the full 90 minutes from start to finish?:
TI agree to terms stated above.:  Accept

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