Confidentiality And Non-Disclosure Agreement

 The Phoenix Member agrees to maintain the confidentiality of information pertaining to all members of Phoenix Business Exchange Inc. and agrees that he/she will not disclose any personal information heard at the weekly meetings and during Business Activity Meetings (BAM) to any person, firm or corporation.
 The Phoenix Member acknowledges that he/she will inevitably acquire information, experience and expertise about certain matters and things which are personal and confidential to the members of the Phoenix weekly meeting or a BAM he/she attends and which information, including, but not limited to:
(a) Member approach and service philosophy;
(b) Methods of operation;
(b) Lists of present and prospective members, and related information;
(c) Pricing and sales policies, techniques and concepts;
(d) Trade secrets;
(e) Details of future direction of any and all members of Phoenix;
(f) Personal information of the members and visitors;
(g) Do not disclose names of clients, whether they are Phoenix members, guests or otherwise; and,
(h) Any information heard in a weekly Phoenix meeting. All information shared within one group must remain solely between the members of this group.