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    When a member is doing their presentation we ask for a bio so we can introduce them. Is their something about you that few people would know such as you are a pilot, went to Egypt or met the Pope? Do you have any Pets? What are your hobbies? What do you love doing more than anything for fun? Any other education or credentials would you like people to know about you to show you're a professional?

    Please read our policies below.

    General Policies

    No two similar professions, trades or businesses are allowed to join per chapter.

    A member is suggested to attend each meeting unless there is an unforeseen instance.

    It is the member’s responsibility to notify the membership committee if there are any conflicts in category, procedure, defaults of service, etc.

    All information from the members giving from BAM situations or other interactions is to be considered private and confidential.

    All members, procedures, policies and events are not to be discussed with other network groups, as we want to protect the privacy and decisions of each member.

    Procedures and policies are subject to change. Membership will be notified of these changes.

    Membership Policies

    The membership fee is $18 per month & regular dues are $7 per week paid quarterly, which pays for IT costs such as ZOOM, Dropbox, website costs, on-line events, Accounting, hosting costs and the operating fees associated with the meetings. There is a one-time charge of $187 admin fee to get your profile and details into our system which includes all our Master Lists, 902 texting system, Network Strategy Program (COI), Phoenix website postings, etc.

    These dues must be up to date before a member can renew their membership or their position or category may be open to competition. Phoenix can terminate your membership for extended or continued absenteeism and make your category available to the public.

    Due to the opportunity that a member can arrange a substitute if they cannot attend a meeting or if there is a sickness or some other mishap and that there is the option of Zooming into the meeting, the chapter is not able to provide refunds or cancellations if a member does not attend.